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Torg doesthings
Oct 13, 2019
In Lore & Legends
"To the date, it's been approximately two years since I've left home, Looking back, it is surprising to see how far I've traveled, in this amount of time! Though, being chased certainly adds an additional spring to anybody's step.. Come to think of it, I haven't had an encounter with my pursuer in weeks. The foolhardy side of me wishes to believe their trail has gone cold, though logic and common sense tell me otherwise. My supply of Materials is empty, perhaps I should utilize this Note of the Craft, and stock up before heading onward out of town." Dear Father, Rest assured, they will not find me, The men you have hired have been pursuing for almost two years! Credit where it is due though, two of the men almost had me, Tied me up, they did! But.. to no avail. Once I was finished of them, I can tell you, those gentlemen won't be pursuing anybody else, ever again. I am not afraid of your thugs, nor any other members of the family. The world is far bigger than you know. Catch me if you can, Your son- Raynard.
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