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Last summer, I started writing short stories here and there based on the world of Grimmgard. Little by little, I realized a story was coming together, and I shifted my focus toward building a small anthology of these stories. Now, after more than a year of anticipation, the wait is over.

Tales from Grimmgard: An Anthology of Dark Fantasy is available!

Two mighty sorcerers flee a scorched battlefield. A princess escapes into an enchanted wood. A mythical beast stalks the unwary in the dead of night. Warriors of a golden kingdom and a dark empire meet in battle. No one knows how these stories may or may not intertwine, except for the prince of Angelics, whose mind is elsewhere. A storm is coming... These are the Tales from Grimmgard.

TRICK OR TREAT! Happy Halloween from Grimmgard! The lands are overrun with all sorts of evil creatures! Don't be caught by Mazigorns, hobbles, or bayalbeest tonight! Be prepared!

Spooky season is upon us! To celebrate this delightfully frightful time of year, enjoy a new creature for your Grimmgard encounters: the BAYALBEEST! This horrifying predator's coat of coarse, hay-like fur provides it with natural camouflage. At rest, the bayalbeest sits and appears as a 10-foot haystack, or lies down and appears as a mound of thick dry grass. Beneath this fur, the bayalbeest's body is a tangle of brittle, jagged, segmented appendages easily mistaken for tree branches. Sneaking up and unleashing a trumpeting howl, the bayalbeest seizes prey in its pincers and shreds it into bits to be eaten. BAYALBEEST


Stealth 4D+1



Size: 20 feet tall

Move: 40

Special Abilities:

Darkvision: Can see in darkness with no penalties.

Horrifying: With a successful Sneak Attack, the bayalbeest inflicts 3D Horror Damage on target before making attack roll.

Maximum Injury: 8

Battle Level: 25

© 2014 Todd Mika. All Rights Reserved.

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