October 31, 2019


Happy Halloween from Grimmgard! The lands are overrun with all sorts of evil creatures! Don't be caught by Mazigorns, hobbles, or bayalbeest tonight!

Be prepared! 

October 12, 2019

Spooky season is upon us! To celebrate this delightfully frightful time of year, enjoy a new creature for your Grimmgard encounters: the BAYALBEEST!

This horrifying predator's coat of coarse, hay-like fur provides it with natural camouflage. At rest, the bayalbeest sits and appears as a 10-foot haystack, or lies down and appears as a mound of thick dry grass. Beneath this fur, the bayalbeest's body is a tangle of brittle, jagged, segmented appendages easily mistaken for tree branches. Sneaking up and unleashing a trumpeting howl, the bayalbeest seizes prey in its pincers and shreds it into bits to be eaten.



Stealth 4D+1



Size: 20 feet tall

Move: 40

Special Abilities:

Darkvision: Can see in darkness with no penalties.

Horrifying: With a successful Sneak Attack, the bayalbeest inflicts 3D Horror Damage on target before making attack roll.

Maximum Injury: 8

Battle Level: 25

July 5, 2019

​​Things are heating up and our summer sale has begun! From now til August 31st, Grimmgard is 20% off!

If you haven't already bought a copy of the core rulebook, order the book here!

May 2, 2019

Tune in to Bridgyspace on Twitch for a special Grimmgard podcast Monday, May 6 at 2 PM EST!

The live interview, in honor of Grimmgard's upcoming 4th anniversary, will go in-depth on the mechanics of the game, the lore of the Grimmgard world, info on upcoming projects, and a few special announcements for the community!

Big thanks for Bridgyspace for inviting me for this special livestream!

December 21, 2018

2018 is coming to a close. What a year it has been! Grimmgard's social media presence expanded onto Instagram, connecting with other creators and gamers around the world. In the summer, we launched the official Grimmgard website right here. Fans broadcasted their fandom in selfies with Grimmgard merch, and posted fan art of Grimmgard beasts! Our community is slowly growing!

2019 has a lot in store. Conceptualizing a world filled with incredible battles, epic heroes, foul villains, and dark secrets, many stories began to take shape beyond what I could detail in a gaming book. Throughout the Grimmgard Roleplaying Game book, tantalizing tidbits can be found but are left intentionally vague. The tales will be told in future books, the first of which is being written right now!

As new year will begin with plans and hopes, the old year should end with reflection and gratitude. Special shout-outs to David "Huffychip" Smith and Ron Root, who continue to promot...

October 31, 2018


Happy Halloween from Grimmgard!
Today only, get the Grimmgard Roleplaying Game 25% off! Over 230 pages long, the deluxe hardcover has everything you need to explore the dark lore of Grimmgard and create a character to begin your quest! This flash sale only lasts to the end of Halloween night!

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September 16, 2018

Congratulations to @bridgyspace_illustrations! You are the art contest winner!!! It was a hard decision picking from the few who did enter but this cute yet creepy version of the Hobble won me over!

As always, thank you for the support everyone!

August 16, 2018

From today to the end of September 15, post art of your favorite character/creature from Grimmgard on social media! Tag it #Grimmgard or #GrimmgardArt on Instagram, or submit it in a private message to the Grimmgard Facebook page!

We'll pick our favorite, and the winner gets their choice: any size and style Grimmgard shirt from the Redbubble shop, or a copy of the Grimmgard RPG rulebook!

The winner will be announced Sunday, September 16!


Also special thanks to Bridgyspace Illustrations for the art for this post! Check out more of her work at www.bridgyspaceillustrations.com! 

July 24, 2018

Don't forget that Grimmgard is still 20% off for a limited time!
The summer sale only lasts until the end of July!
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July 21, 2018

I've played tabletop roleplaying games since my early teens. My writing table is stacked with core rulebooks and addendums. Between them, under them, and even sandwiched into their pages are stacks of stapled game notes. Most of them are homebrewed characters, maps, monsters, starships, planets, weapons, and scripts. I was never just a gamer. I was a creator and storyteller right from the start. In most sessions through the years I was rarely a player and almost always the gamemaster. And why not? As a player I could only be one character at a time, only tell one story... and I had much more I wanted to tell.

In summer of 2012, my friend Greg listened as I dissected a number of RPG games and systems, listing their flaws and how they could be improved. He finally challenged me with a smirk, "Why don't you make your own game?" Being the shy, apprehensive, indecisive person I am, I grinned and declared "You know what? I will." It came together quickly... a...

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