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Active Character:

SUZURA { Campaign(s) ~ The Northern Darkness, Ascendants, Vault of Heroes }

With a stunning appearance of white wings with feathers tipped in royal blue, bluish-silver hair, and violet eyes, Suzura was always a strong minded Angelic, who would stand up for what she believes in. The future path she would walk would forever be a quest for loyalty and purpose. Ever defiant to those who slink around the darkness with ill intent and sow seeds of disunity, Suzura would rather stand alone and walk a path of hardship than give in to the dark vines of evil. Sadly it was her firm stance on these matters that ultimately lead to her exile when she came face to face with corruption in the form of the man she loved and the high court. Driven out from everything she knew, she tried to get her bearings and start a new life for herself. However tragedy would plague her as her former lover, resentful and bitter by her choices to leave his side in favor of mortals, would do whatever it took to make sure she would suffer dearly for her mistake. It was after the violent murder of a family that she had grown close to, that made Suzura realize she could no longer afford to have connections. Tired with grief, out of breath from fleeing, and alone in fear of more loss of life; Suzura entered the Jacorian city of Holireath. Where her life was saved when facing a vicious group of Wolfkin. A debt was owed, and to repay it, Suzura would be tasked with helping to protect a caravan heading north to save a Lord and his people. Hesitant, and fearful of putting these souls at risk, she reluctantly agreed, unable to go back on her honor. Suzura showed great courage and strength fighting against a variety of monsters, human and beast alike, to further the survival of the caravan. All the while learning more and more about the depths of good and evil and its complex spectrum. Over the days that turned into weeks, Suzura couldn’t help but grow close to the odd group, especially a kind, energetic Cougarkin named Mollis. The two became as close as sisters. Sadly, Suzura’s struggles weren’t over yet, and fate would test her again and again. She had to watch as innocent people in every city were put in constant danger from a mysterious threat. Then members of the caravan tempted by the seductive lure of darkness and power. First by the caravan’s picked leader, Augustus. Nearly losing his sanity and his life attempting to share in Blood Sorcery in order to gain the love and trust of the woman who held it, Maol. Disregarding Suzura’s protest and warning of getting entangled and controlled by a power he did not understand. Not long after, the Caravan’s alchemist, Raynard, was tempted by a deal from the legendary sorcerer Whiteskull. The chance to wield Chaos magic in return for the Blood Gauntlet, a powerful weapon created by Maol that now latched itself to Augustus. Much to Suzura’s dismay she couldn’t persuade Raynard from this dark path. Once again disregarded, she watched in broken agony as the deal was completed. Nearly leading Augustus to an early death in the process. Plagued with grief and heartbroken by the constant betrayal, the group had finally made it Wolvmonte in the North. Where Suzura was surprised to find she would be captivated and charmed by the ruler, Lord Malvius. Perhaps it was fate’s reward for all her suffering that he had taken a deep interest in her as well. However she would be pulled away, as the truth about the mysterious threat came to light. That Augustus’s own brother had plotted to take Jacore in order to secure power for himself in the Kingdom of Silvany. And by doing so, allowed a legendary War Lord, Manticore to gather an army and lay waste to the land. Making a stand in Wolvmonte, Suzura fought as fiercely as a Sabre-Stag to defend and protect not only her group, but the remaining innocence of the city. She was devastated more than anyone when Raynard was killed in the battle. Taking any chance of Suzura training the man to use his magic wisely with him. Grief once again crashed over her. With Raynard dead, and Manticore having won the battle and taking a massive power with him, it seemed as if her life of tragedy and pain would never cease. Yet it is to her credit that she continued to push forward though every step felt like she was walking on fire. It was at the Cliff of Sixty Winds, that the group faced Manticore for the last time. Finding a new traveler named Drennon along the way. And it was Suzura who took the Reaper’s Sword Manticore had stolen and wielded it against him. Though she knew the weapon could kill her through its touch in the process. She along with her chosen sister Mollis, ended Manticore’s reign of terror. After taking back the stolen sword to where it belonged, Suzura was finally granted with relief. By then she could no longer deny the feelings that tugged at her heart. And with nothing else to get in the way she returned to Wolvmonte with the rest of the group, where her relationship with Lord Malvius deepened into an undying love. And was soon proclaimed the new Lady to rule forever by his side. Suzura walked the hardest path of all to defend the honor and purpose that laid at her heart. She relinquished a life of safety and worship living among the clouds, and took a life of pain and humiliation to walk upon the soil. By chance she joined a ramble of a caravan, and watched it grow into a Clan of its own- The Harbingers. And even learned to reopen her heart, where she fell deeply in love, and was rewarded with marriage to royalty. Suzura gave up everything she wanted, and gained everything that mattered. A fair strong ruler, fate rewards her again, this time with the joy of being an expecting mother. However life is seldom peaceful. And with the birth of this child, will come more shadows. It will perhaps be Suzura’s greatest challenge yet, to protect her new family from what will lie ahead. But no matter the danger, she will stand tall and fight with courage and untiring faith to do what she knows to be right. A never-ending plea for redemption, that has already been granted.

Suzura, Official art by Grimmgard illustrator Ron Root.

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