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Release the Bayalbeest!

Spooky season is upon us! To celebrate this delightfully frightful time of year, enjoy a new creature for your Grimmgard encounters: the BAYALBEEST! This horrifying predator's coat of coarse, hay-like fur provides it with natural camouflage. At rest, the bayalbeest sits and appears as a 10-foot haystack, or lies down and appears as a mound of thick dry grass. Beneath this fur, the bayalbeest's body is a tangle of brittle, jagged, segmented appendages easily mistaken for tree branches. Sneaking up and unleashing a trumpeting howl, the bayalbeest seizes prey in its pincers and shreds it into bits to be eaten. BAYALBEEST


Stealth 4D+1



Size: 20 feet tall

Move: 40

Special Abilities:

Darkvision: Can see in darkness with no penalties.

Horrifying: With a successful Sneak Attack, the bayalbeest inflicts 3D Horror Damage on target before making attack roll.

Maximum Injury: 8

Battle Level: 25

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