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Welcome to Grimmgard!

I've played tabletop roleplaying games since my early teens. My writing table is stacked with core rulebooks and addendums. Between them, under them, and even sandwiched into their pages are stacks of stapled game notes. Most of them are homebrewed characters, maps, monsters, starships, planets, weapons, and scripts. I was never just a gamer. I was a creator and storyteller right from the start. In most sessions through the years I was rarely a player and almost always the gamemaster. And why not? As a player I could only be one character at a time, only tell one story... and I had much more I wanted to tell.

In summer of 2012, my friend Greg listened as I dissected a number of RPG games and systems, listing their flaws and how they could be improved. He finally challenged me with a smirk, "Why don't you make your own game?" Being the shy, apprehensive, indecisive person I am, I grinned and declared "You know what? I will." It came together quickly... a story of a world preserved only by the will to survive the most ferocious of primal warfare. Armies of man and beast charging the crumbling borders of their world to save it. Beauty and savagery in every corner of the lands. Grimmgard: Old Norse for "the fierce world."

Two years later I was biting my nails over submitting the final version for print, and a few weeks later I was giddily holding the first hardcover copy in my own two hands. It's been an adventure and I have so many people to thank. Including you, for your time and interest! I welcome you to explore this realm, wage war, woo princesses and princes, plunder for treasure, or grapple with the darkness itself to hold it back for another day. I welcome you to GRIMMGARD!

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