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Nov 29, 2018

Questions for the Game Designer


Q1:Character creation bios: Are these character bios the full story to just give the a taste to what lies deeper for the player to choose from or do you have a family tree of stories that give each character breath?


2: Weapons: Are these the only type weapons in the entire game world of Grimmgard?


2A: Can players create hybrid weaponr?


3: Location names: There are 49 world locations. But in each location there are great number of named areas. What was your thought process on coming up with so many names within a particular location?

Nov 29, 2018

1. The character bios in the book are intentionally written to whet the reader's appetite. While the book provides enough facts and personality for the Gamemaster/storyteller to accurately portray the character in a game, there is definitely a lot more to every character in the book. From Androxes to Lord Manticore, every character has a rich story that future books will detail. Do you have a favorite character from the book, by the way? 2. The weapon pages contain the most common weapons. Anything other than that would be something of a very unique design, probably specially crafted by a smith for an individual or group. Can you give an example of a hybrid weapon? Like a crossbow that also has a bayonet? 3. The process of naming locations is really a labor of love for me, personally. I love coming up with eerie or profound names for grand locations as much as quaint and funny names for others. For a lot of cities or the names of Dwarven guilds, I dove deep into more medieval forms of modern languages. One of the most interesting was Old Castilian, which is the Spanish language of the Middle Ages and helped with the naming of Silvanian cities.

Dec 1, 2018

My favorite character right now is the Oxkin. Because it’s the character I’m playing in Grimmgard. Beyond that, I enjoy playing characters or different species in role playing games. In my nephews‘ homebrew Pathfinder game, I play as a singing dragon. By the same name of the Grimmgard character (Amarius). My nephew (DM) is playing as a wind elemental and DM‘s the game. We are in the third storyline in his game. Every time we get done the storyline resets but our characaters are a different age.


The weapon hybrid: I was thinking later in our Grimmgard storyline, I was thinking of attaching a steel chain within the two spears Amarius wields. Then , build from there.


But for other weapons: Like the HammerHave a hammer (blunt face) then on the back side have a straight edge like a blade? It’s fantasy. It doesn’t have to make sense it’s a hypothetical question really.

Dec 1, 2018

The weapons connected by chains are actually covered under the "Chain Weapons and Kusarigama" section on page 68 of the rulebook! With a chain attached, not only can you use throwing to hurl one of the weapons and automatically retrieve it, but use the weapons skill as a wrestling special attack (rules on page 46) to entangle an enemy. As for a double-sided weapon, that's a very interesting idea! Depending on the design, it would require some creativity from the Gamemaster. A hammer with a sword on the other side is easy: the player must declare when attacking which side they are using, since one side inflicts Blunt damage and the other side Edged damage. But in the same of, say, a double-sided saber staff, the gamemaster might reverse the dual-wielding rules and grant a +2 bonus to defense but a +2 penalty to attacks for example.

Dec 1, 2018

I must of missed that part for chained weapons. But my initial idea for chained Spears was to have the chain (encloses) in the hollowed our spear casing with a latch mechanism to expose the chain within the spear itself. But attached chained, yes, I understand what your saying.


For the hammer sword hybrid idea. Bows respectively for liking my idea.

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