Your Character Your Way

Design your character using Grimmgard's freeform skill system. Focus on the skills you want to build your abilities your way! Specialize in any weapon class, let your Charisma skills reflect your personality, and train in the Arts of True Sorcery for an extra edge on and off the battlefield.

Explore Grimmgard

The Grimmgard world is vast. The Western continent is over a thousand miles long, divided into five Human kingdoms, the Dwarven mountain ranges, the dense Wolfkin territories, and the wild unclaimed country in-between. Travel on foot, mounted on a beast, piloting an airship, sailing a boat, or riding the titanic Dwarven Train on your journey!


Times of War

The history of the Grimmgard spans millennia. Play in any time period, delving into the rich history and the evolving kingdoms that rise and fall. Your heroes can participate in the ancient battles that barred the world from the Chaos beyond, strike back against the crusading legions of the Volgoth Empire, or engage new foes as invasion looms from across the sea.


Valor or Doom

The battle between good and evil is not just waged across the strange lands of Grimmgard, but also in the heart of your character. Acts of both good and evil will empower you more and more to shine a greater light or cast a darker shadow. Fall too far down the path of darkness, and you will provoke wrath of the abyss to pursue you and attempt to claim you for itself.


Ready to Enter?

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The portal is open for you to begin your epic journey. Get your own copy of Grimmgard and unlock the secrets of a new world!

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